Finally finished driveway full of logs.

I have been somewhat derelict in publishing posts to this blog. It is not really a blog. Since, as I understand it, a blog is something one post ideas, thoughts, observations, etc. to, on a regular basis,daily weekly, etc. I post as I find the time and the inclination, which, as can be seen, is relatively rarely.

I’m doing this post simply to follow up the most immediately previous one in June and to report that I finally finished splitting that enormous number of logs that the fellow in New Rochelle, on Mulberry Street, had piled up in his driveway.I started in June and finished September. As I think I mentioned, I did a couple of cords and had them piled up and then they were taken away by friends, neighbors in New Rochelle, etc., Then the owner of the logs changed his mind and asked me to put them in his garage, which he didn’t use for his cars. I started doing it and filled about half the garage. Maybe five or six cords. I include some not very good pictures of that.








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