5-5&6-12 in NR

Well this is my latest and one of my largest splitting engagements so far. This guy had three huge trees down and had them all dumped in his driveway,relying upon my representations to him that I would split it. My guess is it’s 15 to 18 cords of wood.



Can you believe it?  One is tempted to say, by way of hyperbole, that it  is a “ton” of wood. However, it is actually probably closer to six or seven tons, as it is three large trees, branches and all.

Well, I will do it, even if it takes me all summer and into next fall. There’s not enough room to build a wood house, although the neighborhood is swarming with little children who would love to have the huge edifice that could be built with all this wood.  However, several neighbors have strolled by and indicated a willingness to take  some of the wood, which is good because there is no place to pile it. The homeowner can take about a cord, but  the other 14  to 18 cords will have to be parceled out among the neighbors and I may be reduced to putting it on the curb to be taken by strangers.   If the neighbors become saturated with firewood then, with the homeowners permission, I may put the address on this blog and any followers can come by and grab some.

By the way, here is  one of my little spectators,who pedeled over from his house to watch me split.   He  is the  five-year-old kid who lives at the house where I  built that good sized  wood house, described in my last dozen or so posts.He lives just around the corner and  was delighted to see me reappear, since he likes to watch me split for 10 or 15 minutes  and pepper me with questions such as, what color sweat band bandanna   will I be wearing on my head tomorrow,and then speed off on his bicycle with his little pals.  I must confess I get a big kick out of these little kids because, my own grown-up kids obstinately refuse to give me any grand children, and so I must content myself with these temporary stand-ins.


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