Stamford House 4-21-12

This is the finished house, my latest one in Stamford. I draped a nice brown plastic tarp over it for a roof but have not yet tied it on. I will do that next weekend it rained on Sunday so I did not doing splitting on Sunday. I finished off building the house and put the tarp on on Saturday, the 21st.


And here it is from the back.  Not a particularly large or elegant house but more fun then just stacking the wood pile after splitting it.


I did have enough wood after all for a little  wall in the middle of the house separating it  into two rooms.  It’s always a little hard to make out what is what, when  looking into one of these houses since all the wood seems to blend together. Here is a picture of the interior wall.


Here is a final picture of one of the two little rooms. As you can see the room is really small.  Since the interior wall is built out of firewood, it is pretty thick, 18 to 24 inches, thick and takes up a lot of room. You can really only have rooms of any reasonable size  inside wood house that is  16 or 17 feet wide. This one was only about 14 feet wide.



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