14th and last day 3-25-12

The roof is now completely tied on. Here are couple of views,

This is a view of the side of the house where the entrance is.. Notice that instead of tying the grommets of the tarp through the logs as I did around the rest of the house, I have suspended small logs from the  grommets at the end of the long slope down of the roof, to maintain tension to try to keep the tarp rigid so it won’t collect pools of water during a rain.


Here is a view from the entrance up along the slope of the roof. I hope it is sloped enough so that the water runs off it.


Final picture of the front of the house. You can see a couple of logs hanging off the grommets to maintain tension on the tarp. You can also see a couple of the decorative “feet” in front of the entrance door, similar to the statues in front of ancient  temple doorways.

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