11th day 3-17-12

Getting close to the end here, the log pile is diminishing. Amost time to put on the roof,but I have about a cord and a half left and I am determined to add it to the house by continuing the winding entrance. However, since  little boys might have to get out of the house in a hurry, for example if their  mom calls, I made an emergency exit out the back by pulling down a few logs from one of the walls and having the boys build up the stairway inside (I couldn’t get inside myself to build up the stairway.)

Notice how the passageways leading into the front are winding around. It first  goes to the left then it goes to the right before reaching the front door. I’m trying to make each wall a little lower, so that the tarp on the roof will slope down and the rain will run off and not pool on the tarp, even though that means crouching down a little lower as they enter, but they all are pretty small anyway.

This is the inside of the first passageway. The front door is just to the right.

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