9th day, 3-10-12

The house is just about finished at this point but not the log pile. So, I am continuing to split, since I will finish off the log pile,but I will build passageways in to the front door of the log house for as long as the logs last. I was thinking about whether I would cover the passageways or just  cover the  log house with the tarp, and I decided to try to cover the passageways.

The problem is, one cannot stretch a tarp out flat because rain and snow will pool on it and eventually break through. So I am going to have to make the passageways lower and lower to create a “pitch” from the top of the house down to the outside wall of the furthest passageway so there will be a slope for the rain or snow to slide off.I measured the house and it is 14 feet deep by about 11 feet wide. However I’m going to get a longer tarp to cover the passageways one that is 16′ x 20′, camo, of course.(I ran this by the lady of the house, since my wife doesn’t like camo tarps, thinks they look too military.)I should get the tarp later on this week and then we will put it on next weekend. The kids will be excited.

I also decided that, since these passageways leading to the front entrance are going to be long and involved, there should be a back door out of  the house. It’s a little late now to decide on that, since the house is already built. What I will do, however is, in the little room the furthest away from the front door I will take down a foot or so of the wall and throw a bunch of pieces of split firewood inside for the kids to build a ramp part way up the wall so they can climb up and creep out. Then, at that point, the back exit point, I will not fasten down the tarp. Everywhere else it  is tied down by the grommets on the tarp. This has to be or the wind will blow it away.  Where the tarp flaps over the back door, however, I will not tie it, but hold it down by tying it small log on a rope  attached to one of the  grommets on the tarp,so it will hang down, but can be lifted up.

above you can see that the house is completed but there is a passageway leading along the left-hand wall of the house to the front door.


This is a little closer view of the passageway. On the left hand side of the picture you can see a block at the end of the passageway where it will make a right angle turn.

this is the end of the first passageway and I am building  another wall out from the wall of the house to make a right angle turn to start the second passageway.

this is looking down the passageway from where  door to the house, on the right,to the end of the passageway.

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