10th day,3-11-12

Just added some work on the passageway, turned the corner and started going down parallel to the first passageway.

Not sure whether it is apparent, but I am trying to make the wall at the end of the passageways (parallel to the end peaked wall of the house) slope down slightly and the walls of the passageway (which are parallel to the side wall of the house) slightly lower than the wall of the house,all with the objective of providing a slight slope for the roof tarp, starting at the peak of the house and sloping down to the furthest outside passageway, which I still don’t know where it will be, since I don’t know exactly how much more there will be to split.

As you can see here the passageway comes down from the front door and then makes a U-turn and will start going back up again. I don’t know how far.

Here is a view of the logs remain to split. I think it will take me about three more days because it looks like one and a  half cords. That means finishing the wall that I have started on of the second passageway and probably making one more turn


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