End ot the seventh day

Quite a bit more progress .

You can now see that both bracing walls have become solid walls (interrupted only by the doorways into the two little rooms ) which reach from one end of the house to the other, forming a more or less level support for the tarp that will form the roof.   It really only now remains to finish the wall which leads to the left-hand side of the doorway and finish the peaked wall at the end. That wall  will end in a block beyond the outside wall of the house because there will be a passageway down the outside wall of the house. Below is a  different view of the progress so far.


The picture below was taken from the right-hand side of the house looking down into the right-hand little room at the doorway to that room.


The picture below is a couple of the future residents of the house, a nine-year-old on the left and a five-year-old on the right.

Same children; same house;same time.



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