End of the eighth day.

This brings us up the present time. I am entering this post on March 5,2012, and the eighth day was yesterday Sunday, March 4th. From now on I will try to enter the posts  in real-time as I complete the progress and take the pictures.I would guess, judging by the number of log left, that it will be about two weekends or two cords.

As you see, that house proper is finished. I have now started to construct a   passageway down one side of the house. Judging from the number of logs that I have left  to split, that passageway will go quite a way.

Close up,below, of the front door, looking through the front door.

Close up of the middle wall and the two doorways into the rooms on the other side of the house

Below is inside the house, just inside the front door looking to the left towards the other end  and looking through the doorway leading to the two rooms at the other end.

And, believe it or not, I squeezed my vast bulk through that very doorway and then turned and  took a picture looking the other way towards the outside doorway.

above is a final picture for the day showing the beginnings of the passageway that would lead to the front door.

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