End of sixth day.

I forgot to take a picture halfway through the sixth day so this is at the end of the sixth day. I did not make a lot of progress since I spent a lot of time talking with the future resident of the house, a five-year-old little guy, who has a lot of questions, but who  was very helpful picking up little pieces of wood. Also, you can see that I’m pretty close to being finished now, and I will have a lot of logs left over. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of them after I split them. Maybe I’ll lay out some passageways leading to the front door.

Different view.

Below is just another view of the end of the house nearest the driveway.  The second bracing wall which braces the other end of  the wall of the house, nearest the driveway, is just about finished and the beginnings of the doorway into the house can be seen taking shape.

This is just another view of the same thing as the last picture, showing the second bracing wall and the beginnings of the block, which will form the left-hand side of the entry way into the house. The right-hand end wall, nearest the driveway, will extend  several feet further then there will be another block, then there will be a right angle turn to start the form a passageway down the outside wall of the house and it will probably turn again at a  right angle to form several other passageways until I run out of wood to split.






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