End of day four

This is the end of the fourth day. The middle  wall has now been completed and you can see the little doorway on the left going into the end of the house and leading to the two rooms at the end of the house.

Below is another view at the same time. What I’m trying to do here is take pictures from the same vantage point at different stages of the building so that I can somehow see if I can stitch them together and make them like a little movie so one can see the house rising up.(I think I said this before.)


Below is a detailed view showing the doorway between the two little rooms at the end of the house. The doorway is  between the end of the bracing wall and  the middle wall.  This doorway, as is the case with all the doorways in these little wood houses, is very narrow, just wide enough for a child to squeeze through and not an adult.(Although I did make the doorways big enough for me to get through since I have to be able to get through attend to various construction activities. However, I am also not very large myself.)

This picture below shows the completed  middle wall and the doorway between the end of that middle  wall and the left hand outside wall of the house. That doorway leads to the two rooms at the end of the house.


That’s all for today. You know, this is not like a real blog where the blogger enters information every day or every few days. regularly.I take these pictures each day, obviously, since it shows the progress of the construction, but then I don’t enter them and the accompanying textual discussion into the blog contemporaneously, but wait until I have time to do so ,and then I enter them  into the blog all at once.

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