Four and a half half days, new Rochelle house

At this point, you can see that the end wall has a peak  on it and the  brace, perpendicular to the end wall, is reaching all the way up to the peak to brace it.The reason for the bracing wall , of course, is that a wall with a peak on it is about 6 feet high and, unsupported, would be in some danger of falling over which would be distressing for a house that has little children creeping about in it. The normal woodpile wall wall of a wood house  is about 4 feet high needs no bracing support. This bracing wall also forms a wall between the two rooms at the end. You also see the beginnings of another wall perpendicular to the brace wall which will divide the little house into two sections. This wall is perpendicular to,  and attached to, the right-hand wall and will reach almost over to the left hand wall, but will leave a little space for doorway,

This is a little closer view of the bracing wall and the beginning of the middle wall of the house which will complete the fourth wall of the end two little rooms.


Above is the same bracing wall viewed a little closer and f rom both sides.

Below is a  knot hole from a tree trunk. Maybe some little creature lived in there when the tree was alive.I was going to toss it in the scrap pile because I thought it would be too hard to split, but then I thought I could do something with it, maybe make a little window in one of the walls. We will see what we can think up.

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