End of the third day

One more day of splitting, which means another half a cord. This is the end of the third day of splitting, which is the first day of the second weekend. However,  this happens to be Presidents’ Day weekend so, since I had the wood and the will to do so, I split for three days. Here is what it looks like after another day:

end of third dayAnother view

Two walls are finished . The  end wall, however, has to have a peak put on it. I usually make the walls of wood house as high as a normal woodpile, 4 feet. That’s a safe height and any higher risks the possibility of tumbling over on the tiny inhabitants. But the end walls, with the peaks,I usually make about as high as  my head ,since there has to be a slope from the peak down to the walls to carry off the snow and  the rain of about 30°. Therefore the two end peaked walls need to be stabilized .So I put in a stack of logs perpendicular to the peaked wall with the block at the end of the stack about 4 feet high, just the height of the other four stacks at the end of each wall, and then I slope the wood up to the top of the peak to brace the wall. It is pretty solid. Indeed. that is my criterion for  all aspects of any wood house, since we don’t want any part of it tumbling down on anyone.

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