Latest Wood House,Larchmont

This is my latest construction, a three room little beauty, just completed at the end of October to the great delayed delight of the neighborhood children who watched its construction with interest and anticipation over a period of about six weeks. I did not start recording its progress at the beginning but, rather, after I had  already finished two rooms. Here are the first two rooms. The house is about two thirds finished:

Two thirds of the latest house

In about a week or so the house looks like this:

A week later Same stage of construction, different view

As I have mentioned, on a normal day, {i.e., a day splitting logs without a whole lot of knots in them which, of course, can take more than usual amount of splitting time} I will split a half a cord.  So, that is a cord a weekend, if I split for both days.) As I recall I think Paula( my wife) and I, went away for one of these weekends,so I think the actual number of weekends to make this house was four weekends,which would be about four cords which is about what it looks like. Remember, a cord is 4′ x 4′ x 8′ of closely stacked firewood.

Okay, now a week later:

Now to show the inhabitants; three children, two of them neighbors, and one of them living at the house (a real house not a wood house)  where I was splitting the wood:

Three children in three rooms of the the house