starting to build the house. Laying out the walls

As I described in my first post, building a  wood house is just building a firewood log pile, but  in a square form with,  may be, walls inside if it is big enough.  The walls usually are about 4 feet high.  If they were any higher there would be at risk of them falling over and, any lower, and it would be no fun for the eventual future children tenants of the I also described one builds a “block” at the end where the corner turns. Let’s take a look now at building one of these houses which was a good size , with four rooms, on the property of one of my Greenwich Connecticut wood splitting “clients.”

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As can be seen the walls are rising.  One has to leave the door, of course, which means an extra block has to be built. As I have mentioned, one estimates, as one goes along, how big the house can be although, once the footprint, the four walls, is  laid out, that pretty much commits how big the house will be.  There is some variation because there can be either no rooms inside, which I would think would be  rather shabby; two rooms inside, which is a little better; or four rooms inside which is a proper house. Okay now let’s add some more pictures showing the walls inside being added and the roof peaks rising up.

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okay, that’s enough for this post. My son, who knows much more about blogs, says I shouldn’t ramble on making huge posts, but rather a number of smaller ones,so goodbye for now.

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