finishing the wood house

As you can see is almost built. I will show some views of the inside structure but it is a little hard to see because it just looks like a bunch of firewood.   If you look carefully you can see the doors between the rooms with a long piece of firewood over the top to keep the logs piled above from tumbling down. You can also see how I build up a peak so that the tarp, when it’s draped over it, sheds snow and rain. In larger houses, such as this one, instead of just a peak at each end of the house on opposite walls, I put a peak on the wall in between to support the roof better.

First, here’s a couple of pictures of me leaning on the house looking quite satisfied with the structure so far.

me, in summer garb

This is my warm weather wood splitting costume, sometimes with short pants too. But always with steel toed boots. In the winter (if I can find wood, I split year-round,and in any kind of weather except rain) I will start off in a coat and a heavy shirt,but both of those usually come off, because the splitting warms me. In the Adirondacks I have been splitting in zero whether in a light shirt and sweating.  Sometimes the sweat and other stuff freezes on your nose.  In that kind of weather, one never feels cold doing strenuous exercise, however when you stop you immediately have to go inside or get in a warm car to get warm or sweat freezes on you.  you know the old saying about how  wood splitting warms you  twice, once when you split it and once when you burn it.well, that really works. Okay now some pictures of the inside:

Starting to build an interior doorway

The same doorway,further along

another interior doorway

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