step-by-step pictorial process of building a wood house

This will be a description and the pictorial process of building one of the larger wood houses that I did about a year ago up in Greenwich Connecticut. I will start with pictures of the huge tree that fell over during a storm, before I started on it with my chainsaws (in the days when I did chain sawing, before one of them took a nibble on my knee and my wife wisely forbade me from doing any more chain sawing.) This is a picture of the tree:

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I then got to work on it with a chainsaw and after a while it looked like this

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then, I started building the walls. One of the fascinating things about building a wood house is estimating, from the size of the tree, and, after the tree has been cut up,from the number of logs,how large the house should be. Since one has to begin by laying out the walls and making them a certain length 8 feet, 12 feet, or 15 feet,once the footprint of the structure is in place one is then committed to fill that footprint with walls about 4 feet high and a triangle atop two opposite walls,to form the roof.

Further, if the house is big enough then, of course, one must make rooms within which requires additional wood. Over the years  I have developed a fairly good eye to estimate how many cords of firewood are in a tree of a certain size. It’s usually determined by the diameter of the trunk at the base. For example the average tree with a trunk diameter of about a foot will probably have about one and a  half cords of wood in it. A tree with the trunk of 4 or 5 feet could have 10 or 15 cords in it. That was this tree. Let me try to publish this now and see how it looks. As should be obvious by now, I am just learning blogging technique and the blog will be a little ragged and rudimentary as I perfect my techniques

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