Finally finished driveway full of logs.

I have been somewhat derelict in publishing posts to this blog. It is not really a blog. Since, as I understand it, a blog is something one post ideas, thoughts, observations, etc. to, on a regular basis,daily weekly, etc. I post as I find the time and the inclination, which, as can be seen, is relatively rarely.

I’m doing this post simply to follow up the most immediately previous one in June and to report that I finally finished splitting that enormous number of logs that the fellow in New Rochelle, on Mulberry Street, had piled up in his driveway.I started in June and finished September. As I think I mentioned, I did a couple of cords and had them piled up and then they were taken away by friends, neighbors in New Rochelle, etc., Then the owner of the logs changed his mind and asked me to put them in his garage, which he didn’t use for his cars. I started doing it and filled about half the garage. Maybe five or six cords. I include some not very good pictures of that.








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Free Firewood

That place where I am doing my splitting now, and have been for the past month and, it looks like I will be there for the next couple of months, is getting filled up with firewood and I have no place more to pile it since it is just a small driveway. The neighbors that walk by keep promising to take it but they don’t. I finally had my gardener come by and take a huge pile, probably couple of  cords. So, now I am announcing to any one who reads this blog and who lives within a convenient distance to come and pick up free firewood at 56 Mulberry Ln., Larchmont, NY. The owner doesn’t want it, he took enough ,and I don’t want it I just want the exercise. So come by any time of the day and night and take whatever firewood is in the driveway.

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5-5&6-12 in NR

Well this is my latest and one of my largest splitting engagements so far. This guy had three huge trees down and had them all dumped in his driveway,relying upon my representations to him that I would split it. My guess is it’s 15 to 18 cords of wood.



Can you believe it?  One is tempted to say, by way of hyperbole, that it  is a “ton” of wood. However, it is actually probably closer to six or seven tons, as it is three large trees, branches and all.

Well, I will do it, even if it takes me all summer and into next fall. There’s not enough room to build a wood house, although the neighborhood is swarming with little children who would love to have the huge edifice that could be built with all this wood.  However, several neighbors have strolled by and indicated a willingness to take  some of the wood, which is good because there is no place to pile it. The homeowner can take about a cord, but  the other 14  to 18 cords will have to be parceled out among the neighbors and I may be reduced to putting it on the curb to be taken by strangers.   If the neighbors become saturated with firewood then, with the homeowners permission, I may put the address on this blog and any followers can come by and grab some.

By the way, here is  one of my little spectators,who pedeled over from his house to watch me split.   He  is the  five-year-old kid who lives at the house where I  built that good sized  wood house, described in my last dozen or so posts.He lives just around the corner and  was delighted to see me reappear, since he likes to watch me split for 10 or 15 minutes  and pepper me with questions such as, what color sweat band bandanna   will I be wearing on my head tomorrow,and then speed off on his bicycle with his little pals.  I must confess I get a big kick out of these little kids because, my own grown-up kids obstinately refuse to give me any grand children, and so I must content myself with these temporary stand-ins.


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Stamford House 4-21-12

This is the finished house, my latest one in Stamford. I draped a nice brown plastic tarp over it for a roof but have not yet tied it on. I will do that next weekend it rained on Sunday so I did not doing splitting on Sunday. I finished off building the house and put the tarp on on Saturday, the 21st.


And here it is from the back.  Not a particularly large or elegant house but more fun then just stacking the wood pile after splitting it.


I did have enough wood after all for a little  wall in the middle of the house separating it  into two rooms.  It’s always a little hard to make out what is what, when  looking into one of these houses since all the wood seems to blend together. Here is a picture of the interior wall.


Here is a final picture of one of the two little rooms. As you can see the room is really small.  Since the interior wall is built out of firewood, it is pretty thick, 18 to 24 inches, thick and takes up a lot of room. You can really only have rooms of any reasonable size  inside wood house that is  16 or 17 feet wide. This one was only about 14 feet wide.



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The Stamford House, Continued 4-15-12

Well, looks like there will be enough wood for  a small house after all and, possibly a dividing wall, allowing two rooms inside.


As you see I have the four walls finished . And have built a  peak on one end. I have left the doorway, of course, and  will build a peak  on the other wall, opposite to the wall that has the peak on it now.



That board that you see on the top of the doorway is to support  the wood that I will put on that wall  to make the  second peak. That  board came out a piece of furniture that we threw out, that had some shelves in it that  I saved, knowing that I would need for something just like this.

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Another house, in Stamford

This is one of the people that heard my interview on the radio and heard that I would split wood for free and gave me a call. I usually don’t like to go as far as Stamford but I didn’t have anything closer once I finished that nice little house in New Rochelle on Forest Avenue. It looked like it would not be enough wood for a house, but once I heard that there was a child, enough room to build a house and interest in having one,I reconsidered and thought I would try to build a small one. Here is the  first couple of days work:




Here are the logs  left to split.  It  looks like it will be probably enough for a small house . I don’t know whether we will be able to put any rooms in it. I doubt it.

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14th and last day 3-25-12

The roof is now completely tied on. Here are couple of views,

This is a view of the side of the house where the entrance is.. Notice that instead of tying the grommets of the tarp through the logs as I did around the rest of the house, I have suspended small logs from the  grommets at the end of the long slope down of the roof, to maintain tension to try to keep the tarp rigid so it won’t collect pools of water during a rain.


Here is a view from the entrance up along the slope of the roof. I hope it is sloped enough so that the water runs off it.


Final picture of the front of the house. You can see a couple of logs hanging off the grommets to maintain tension on the tarp. You can also see a couple of the decorative “feet” in front of the entrance door, similar to the statues in front of ancient  temple doorways.

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